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Overhaul and Sales of Rebuilt Machines

In addition to the development of new products, Nakashimada also provides overhaul and retrofit services. Furthermore, we trade rebuilt machines too.


After long years of use, we can overhaul your machine to “as new” condition.
Theoretically, we will disassemble the machine when it comes back to our factory. We will inspect all parts and determine whether they need to be replaced. This is a full overhaul.
We will confirm the terms in the original purchase order when the machine was first bought. Then check the conditions of the machine before we start overhauling. The process takes around 2 to 3 months.
We perform retrofit services according to your requests like installing new monitors, inverter and other electric systems, provided that it is possible technically on your machine.
Full overhaul carries a warranty period of 6 months.
MST410 before
MST410 after
 H20 made in 1974

Sale of Rebuilt Machine

Nakashimada also rebuild old machines. After rebuilt, they will perform just like a new one. However, there are some pre-conditions.
Principally machine not more than 25 years;
We will confirm after checking if the machine can be rebuilt back to the original state.
The original number plate is still intact. We do not rebuild machines which do not have a clear customer record.
If the machine fulfills these conditions, rebuilding will include overhaul items mentioned above. We will also try our best if you want to change the specifications from the original given it is technically possible. (Note)
  Please note that warranty period will be six months from date of delivery.
nh15b before
nh15b after
 NH15B made in 1984
(Note) For changing specifications for overseas market, we have to observe each required laws regarding safety, environment and export regulations. As such, additional measures might have to be taken.
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