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Nakashimada Triangle

The Three Pillars Supporting Nakashimada
Responding to new products since 1911, Nakashimada has been evolving and bringing new products to the market. High precision and durability of our cold forging machines have let some of our header and parts former series claim half of the world market share. Backing up this success over a century is our ability to uphold the three main pillars -- people, techniques and market.
  • People (Corporate Culture)
    At Nakashimada, we strongly believe the spirit of manufacturing lies in the nurturing of our workers. We work closely together to provide products that no one can copy.
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  • Global Expansion
    Throughout Japan and globally, we offer our products through our sales network covering 15 countries.
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  • Techniques
    For different industries, Nakashimada has responded to various special requests to bring about solutions with old tradition and new technologies.
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