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Technology and Techniques

Our ability to support various industries and meet special requests
Given the high precision Nakashimada machines could achieve, we can now help manufacturers make parts for watches, computers, mobile devices, automobiles and airplanes.
At the beginning state when new product is designed, we will discuss and ask customers what their requirements are.  We will check the application, condition and environment in which the product is used.  These considerations will be reflected in our design.
For instance, the basic quality conditions required for fasteners used in automobiles are its fastening ability and anti-vibratility.  While for personal computers and handheld devices, it is how small and accurate we can make.  And in the aviation industry, we have to tackle the issues of material switch from stainless steel to titanium alloy. 
Corresponding to these problems, we too have to come up with different kinds of equipment (headers and parts formers).
Over the years, we have responded to a variety of special development requests from different industries.  We have come to know the characteristics of each industry’s demand and gained an enormous amount of experience in tool design and tool making.  This is the greatest strength of Nakashimada.
●Past experience of Headers and Parts formers
Industry Typical Products
Airplane Aircraft rivets, special engine bolts
Automobile Engine bolts, various metal parts
Construction / Electronics Steel/non-metal bolts, parts
Computer Contacts, connectors, various metal parts
Mobile phones Contacts, connectors, micro-screws
Watches Crown, inner-parts, micro-screws
Stationary Parts for ball pen and sharp pen
Precious metal Ear rings and parts
Clothing Denim rivets, high heels core

Our way of production

Unlike others, Nakashimada produces more than 70% of all parts in-house so that we can keep the overall quality of our product at a very high level.

A fusion of past and present technology
A fusion of past and present technology  
At Nakashimada, we continue to hand down old techniques while constantly acquiring new technology.
For example, before machine assembly, we insist to perform the hand-scrapping procedure (grinding of sliding surface).  As such, it is possible for us to keep the  highest accuracy and durability of the machine. We have received excellent reputation for keeping this technique.
Nowadays, number of technicians who can do hand-scraping is decreasing. But at Nakashimada, it is our tradition to teach most male staff (those not even at assembly line) this technique.
Having said that, we would also invest in the most advanced equipment in our part production line so as to keep the highest machining accuracy.  This combination of hand-scraping technique and advanced automation technology is the “Soul” of our manufacturing philosophy.

Also, the way we nurture our technicians is to sharpen their senses at work.  This cannot be taught through operation manuals.  For instance, during development our technician can spot an anomaly when the machine “didn’t sound right”.  We make use of our five senses as experience during our manufacturing process.

Finding the best way combining tradition and new technology is the job for Nakashimada.

Technical development in future

The keywords of our development on header, parts former and tooling are aggregated into three points below.
(1) Challenge high precision, complex shaped parts, material hard to forge
(2) Expansion of product application by development of machinery and tooling
(3) Initiatives specific to the environmental issues of energy saving and labor-saving

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