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Notice on delivery date

Dear Customers,



The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus is affecting every industry.

Fortunately, its impact on Nakashimada’s production is somewhat limited and our operation is

conducted as usual.


However, with incoming information from our suppliers, we anticipate possible delays in our

production due to delay in their material and parts delivery. Moreover, the harmful influence of

the coronavirus on health may force us to reducing work hours that may also affect normal

correspondence with our business partners including logistics companies. 


Nonetheless, we will continuously strive to meet delivery dates. In case our product delivery

dates have to be postponed due to unavoidable reasons, we will inform you immediately and

would like to discuss alternatives.

We would be much obliged if we could have your kind understanding and cooperation.


Wishing an early end to this pandemic and also no harmful influence on health to you and your

families and to your production activities.



Masahiro Nakashimada

President & CEO

Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd.