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Announcement of a new partnership for the West Coast of the United States

January 5, 2023


Dear Nakashimada Customers,


 Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. has been in business since 1911 and is proud to be one of the top leaders in technology and market share for manufacturing headers and parts formers. We are continually evolving and providing new products to the market across 15 countries worldwide in a wealth of industries while always maintaining the high precision and durability of our cold forging machines.


 We are very pleased to announce a new partnership between Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. and Muñoz Technical Consulting LLC effective as of January 1, 2023. Ramon Muñoz of Technical Consulting LLC is the agency representing Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. on the West Coast of the United States. Ramon provides 34 years of experience in aerospace fastener manufacturing with 15 years in product design and development. His career includes 30 years of experience with Nakashimada headers in fastener manufacturing with an extensive focus on parts forming and heading capabilities for single and multi-die heading.


 Ramon Muñoz is joining Krista Poirier of Nakashimada USA on the West Coast to strategically provide excellent service, sales support, and technical assistance in new and existing equipment for Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd.


 We are excited to bring together the vast experience in sales support and product knowledge that Krista Poirier provides along with the technical capabilities and industry experience that Ramon Muñoz offers to deliver an unparalleled commitment to our customers across the West Coast for supporting your manufacturing demands and future product development requirements.


 It is our goal and mission to uphold the three main pillars of our business: People, Techniques, and Market. The spirit of our company comes from our people, the techniques come from our customer requests and privations and lastly, the market comes from global expansion through quality machine manufacturing.


 Thank you for your continued business as we look forward to this new partnership in providing excellent customer service to our customers. Please contact Krista Poirier at (562) 926-2419 or Ramon Muñoz at (520) 275-0099 for any new Nakashimada equipment requests or existing equipment parts and services.