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Caution Regarding Counterfeit Certificates

June, 2023


We have recently discovered the existence of "Test and Inspection Certificate" claiming to be issued by our affiliate Nakashimada Trading Co., Ltd. in certain overseas market. We want to clarify that neither Nakashimada Engineering Works. Ltd. nor Nakashimada Trading Co., Ltd. have ever issued such certificates for used machines sold in “as-is no warranty” condition. This clearly falls under the category of forged private documents, and we are currently identifying the individuals or/and companies involved to take a legal action.


We would kindly ask our valued customers who have already purchased or are currently considering used Nakashimada machines, to exercise utmost caution regarding this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us directly for further assistance.


Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd.

Nakashimada Trading Co., Ltd.