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Business summary

Headers and formers, indispensable to all industries
Screws and bolts are parts that can be found in almost all industrial products like watches, mobile phones, cars, airplanes, etc.  They are made by cold forging machines called “headers” or “formers”.  Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd is proud to claim ourselves as one of the top leaders in both technology and market share, when it comes to manufacturing headers and formers.
Nakashimada was established in 1911, in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture.  We dedicated ourselves to making precision work machines.  From 1960, we began to make domestic headers to compete with import machines.  In 1969, we developed our 2D3B series machines whose high precision and superior productivity has caught the world’s attention.
Ever since, we initiated our production system. We have produced generations of original, yet complex and sophisticated machines.  Over the past century, Nakashimada technology has been supporting the development of industrial world.
Product development  
Product development
Nakashimada products are active players in a variety of industries, in Japan and all over the world.
Tool Development  
Tool Development
We develop new tools that meet all your requirements.
After service  
After service
We can supply parts to machines from the very first model made until now.  Please talk to us.
Flow of transaction
Within, Nakashimada, we have total support from machine design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and after-sales support.



Please contact us via phone or inquiry form.

After initial communication, please send us a part drawing via email or fax so that we can work smoothly.

2.Product review, submission of



Our skilled engineers study the drawing, select machine type and necessary options.

3.Proposal Submission



After the Purchase Order is received, our sales representative will confirm the details of the specification. We will propose the most efficient way of producing the part and whether tool development is needed.




Based on the decision made on the proposal, we will start to make machine parts before assembly.



  Machine approval and operator training before delivery. Installation will be performed at request.
6.After sales support

We provide services such as maintenance, after-parts and relocation of machines.