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Tool Development (TTT Solution)


Starting with product analysis and incorporation of customer’s requests, we begin our tool design process.
During the process, we will consider changes in machine specification, installation or development of new optional features.
- feasibility analysis
- choice of tool/lubrication oil
  Tool making
  Tool making
Punch for irregular shape wire
Punch for irregular shape wire
Tools for micro former
Tools for micro former
House-made manual press
House-made manual press


The making of tools will either be in-house or outsourced.  Initial tools made will be polished, assembled and adjusted in-house by experienced engineers at Nakashimada.
For example, press-fitting and machining for micro-parts tools is extremely difficult, we rely on our experience with hand-finishing.  An impeccable tool depends on how and how well the polishing was performed with diamond powder.
- carbide material selection
- tool construction
- analysis


Tools are set up on the selected machine type. Our experienced engineers will work swiftly towards setting up the machine according to customer’s requests.
- Tryout Progress Report
- Approval

Tool Development Flow

Product Analysis



●Confirmation of machine specification

●Development of new machine
●Selection of optional accessories

●Tolerance of product size and shape

●Proposal of forging shape

Product Dimension Confirmation Dimension Confirmation


  ●Determination of shape of prototype
Tool Making



●Tool structure

●Change of surrounding of tool area

●Confirmation of special options

Confirmation of




Sample submission, approval, machine shipment
Tools will be submitted together with drawings

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