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Quality Environment Principles

ISO 9001 / 14001 Certified

Nakashimada is certified with management system ISO9001 from 1998, and environment management system ISO14001 in 2010.
■Quality Environment Principles
Nakashimada contributes to the society through our business activities. Through our products and services we try our best to achieve our total customer satisfaction. Going forward, we will continue to reiterate the importance of protecting the global environment through promoting quality environmental activities.
Quality Environment Principles
We have been adhering to our company motto, namely, “Advance, Cooperate and be Grateful” when conducting our business activities. We strive to implement our company policy to “contribute to our world with advanced technology and products”.   Hence, we proactively develop new products, improve manufacturing processes and always promote our products timely to the market.  In order to make these improvements possible and sustainable, we embark on a Quality Environment Management System.

We promote understanding and compliance of the use of this Management System to all counterparties in our transaction cycle.  We contribute vigorously to the growth in areas like fasteners and micro parts within the forging industry.
In order to meet our customer’s requirements, related laws and regulations, we educate our staff to work strictly pertaining to the quality environment principles.
2.Operation Management
•    We continuously improve the environment as we constantly contemplate how our business activities will affect or protect the environment.  This can be achieved through reducing waste and inferior goods with more efficient use of resources.
•    When developing new products, we always take into consideration in advance how we can improve the quality and contribute to the environment throughout the product life cycle.
•    We provide clear operation instructions to our workers in all manufacturing processes to enhance safety and efficiency and to reduce waste and inferior goods.
3.Sustainable Improvements
To promote quality environment, we have set targets in all operational departments along required quality principles.  We execute plans and review our actions so as to achieve those quality targets.
4.Response to internal and external environmental changes
We believe quality environment policies and our management principles have to be reevaluated from time to time as a response to the changes in the society.  Business content and activities, procurement and production technology, etc. should also be reviewed according to changes.    Process like 4M Change Control, quality environment and environmental impact assessment should also be structurally reviewed on a constant basis.
Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd.
1st June, 2017