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Greetings, Management Philosophy

We aim to make a world class machine we are proud of.

Masahiro Nakashimada President
Masahiro Nakashimada
To all visitors,

Our machine production is expected to break the 10,000 sets mark soon. In recent years, not only for machines, we have received orders to develop tools for forged parts for air plane, automobile, to mobile phones, etc.


Besides, we have started our full-scale trial production in 2010 the Membrane Separation Deployment Mechanism for small space satellite. Marking the result of our 10 years challenge, the first prototype will be sent to space later this year.

Our company is merely a small enterprise located in the countryside of Fukuoka Prefecture on Kyushu Island known as Yame County. It is definitely not an urban area. But the precious experience gathered all these years by our workers here have become the heart of manufacturing.

Now, half of our machines made are shipped to America, Germany, Asia and China. Our culture within the company is also very diversed. We have workers who were born locally and worked on machines for 40 years, and also a lady from Los Angeles responsible for sales in America. This led to the idea of building world class machines that we are proud of.

We all share the pride of our century old company history. But our goal is still ahead. For everyone who has supported us all these time, lets work closely together and put our effort in contributing more to the society in the future.

I look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement. Thank you.

Company Policy
“Move forward, Be cooperative and Work with appreciation”
Corporate Philosophy
“Contribute to our world with advanced new forging technologies.”

Nakashimada's technology leadership as a cold header manufacturer is based primarily on

satisfying the demands of the cold formed components and fastener makers.
The customer’s real shop floor needs are the driving force behind our design

and development work.
As a result, Nakashimada machines are delivering greater quality,dependability

and productivity to an increasing number of satisfied users through out the world.
Nakashimada headers are playing an expanding role in industries

by producing quality components that make more advanced products

possible which in the end build stronger economies.
In this way, Nakashimada is making a meaningful contribution

to improving people's life style all over the world.