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The history of Nakashimada has told the story of tradition, technological innovation and the harmony of using the right people.
In 1911, Nakashimda began its business in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture.  From 1935, we started the production of machines.
In 1960, we began to make high speed headers.  Over the past 40 years, Nakashimada has become a professional forging machine maker with sales and service network covering Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Los Angeles, Nuremberg, Shenzhen.  All these years, we have been looking ahead to the future while taking a prudent step at a time.

Machine History Year Company History
  1911 Founded in Fukuoka Japan
 Began production of metal cutting machines 1935  
  1951 Company Incorporates with add capital of 2.5 Million Yen
Developed high speed double-header (H20) for making nails 1960  
Developed the first Japanese 2D3B header (PF630) 1964  
Developed the first Japanese 2D3B header (PF630) 1969  
  1979 Capital Increased to 45 Million Yen
Developed TH series former, 2D2B 6mm parts former (TH2-6) 1980  
Developed own die-shift style MH05 micro header and was extremely well received 1986  
  1988 Main Plant moved to Hirokawa for expanding business
Changed PF630 to NP60
Developed NP120 2D3B parts former
Developed TH4-8, 4D4B parts former 1990  
First ever vertical header DPH05 for diode pin header
Developed our biggest NP160 2D3B parts former
Developed super high precision MF420 4D5B micro former 1996  
Developed MST508 5D5B parts former equipped with NCSIII numerical control system 1997  

ISO9001 Quality System Certified

Developed MF220 2D3B micro former 1999  
Developed MF200 2D3B micro former
Developed MST412 4D4B parts former
Developed SH051 bi-metal header
Developed MHC130 cam header
Developed MST510 5D5B parts former
Developed MST612 6D6B parts former
Developed NS100 cold header
Developed MST308 3D3B parts former
Developed MST310 3D3B parts former
Developed MST408 4D4B parts former
Developed MST608 parts former
Developed MST312 3D3B parts former
Developed MST616 6D6B parts former
Developed MST512 5D5B parts former
Developed MST610 6D6B parts former
Developed MST410 4D4B parts former
Developed MST606 6D6B parts former
Developed NS20 1D2B header
Developed NS121 1D2B header
Developed NSR120 1D2B header
Developed NSS41 high-speed single header
Developed MST306 3D3B parts former
Developed MST716 7D7B parts former
Developed EXL3-8 3D3B parts former
Developed RD70 special reheader
Developed BTX506 5D5B parts former
Developed TH6-4 6D6B parts former

 ISO14001 Environment System Certified

Developed NP121HF hot former, BT/BTX series parts formers 2011  
Developed NSX80 hot former, NB42 ball header 2013