【If the machine failed to operate, please click here.
【Regarding discontinued electrical equipment, please click here.
1. Can this part be produced with your machine?
We will study the possibility of heading with our machine if you could send us a part drawing. A more thorough study is possible if you could confirm the material, size and tolerance required in the drawing. We will make suggestion as to what machine and optional accessories are needed for forging the part.
2. I want to order some spare parts
Please contact to our sales offices or sales representatives in your area with information as mentioned below.
Please confirm machine model, serial number, part number and name (type), and number of parts needed. If you do not know the part number, please look it up in the machine instruction manual. Print out the relevant section of the part. Mark on the assembly drawing and send us for confirmation.
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3. Do you sell used machines?
Although we do not sell used machines, we do overhaul and rebuild machines.
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4. Do you overhaul machines?
Full overhaul, replacement of various monitors and inverters, retrofit of electronic system, and addition of safety devices will be performed as long as it is technically possible. Please contact us after confirming the machine model and serial number.
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【If the machine failed to operate】 Please confirm the following before contacting our responsible staff for more effective response.
1. Please confirm machine model, serial number.
2. Please confirm the details of the situation.
Is the READY button “ON”?
Can you jog the machine?
Can the machine normally produce parts consecutively?
Please describe the situation before machine stopped.
For machine controlled by PLC (sequencer), please check the status of the input and output shown at the time the problem occurred. (There is a LED panel showing the sequencer status.)
5. Simple and could be avoidable troubles…

These are a kind of simple troubles and could be avoidable by understanding our machine feature well. Please read through our operator manual book and understand before operating machine. We appreciate your kind understanding and continuous support going forward.

After cleaning machine, changed lubrication oil, machine does not run.
Main reason: too much lubrication oil, “Oil Level”switch shows malfunction
→ adjust oil level.

Cleaned machine during weekend yet machine would not start on Monday.

Main reason: Vacuum cleaner used the socket for the desk lamp on the machine and blew the fuse.

→ replace fuse.



Outlet of the desk lamp for the machine has only capacity of 100V, 1A. Fuse will be blown if the socket was used for other purposes.

Please use an external power supply for other purposes as indicated on the warning label.


Short feed detector does not function.

Main reason: stopper area failed to function properly due to insulation caused by residue or metal chips.

→ clean stopper area.



Keep stopper area clean.

Machine stopped at over-pressure (over-current). Crank shaft gathered too much heat and became inoperable.

Main reason: Use of deteriorated oil or different grade lubricant instead of specified type. Sulfur compounds had an adverse effect on the shaft.

→ Overhaul needed. Time and cost were wasted.



Please refer to the “Recommendation of Lubrication oil on Nakashimada Headers” when choosing lubricants.


For PF Series users

Though main motor was running, speed gradually reduced and stopped eventually.

Main cause: Flywheel was not tightened properly and slipped.

Or all five V-belt damaged.

→ change parts and tighten flywheel properly.



Confirm that flywheel is properly tightened after adjusted timing.

Also check tension of V-belts and if anomaly occurs there during periodic inspection.


Announcement from Technical Department

Discontinued machine parts

In case of defects of the following parts, an upgrade is necessary. Please contact us after checking the machine model and serial number.
 ▼ Motors
□ ESM Motor, EDM Motor  Manufacturer:Miki Pulley

□ VTA  Manufacturer:Miki Pulley

□ FRENIC5000G7S  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ FRENIC5000G9S  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ FRENIC5000G11S  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ Varispeed-616G3  Manufacturer:Yaskawa

□ Varispeed-616G5  Manufacturer:Yaskawa

□ TOSVERT VF-A7  Manufacturer:Toshiba

□ TOSVERT VF-S9  Manufacturer:Toshiba

□ TOSVERT VF-S11  Manufacturer:Toshiba

□ MITY SERVO VEO  Manufacturer:QM Soft

□ MITY SERVO VEA  Manufacturer:QM Soft



□ MICREX-F30  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ MICREX-F50  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ MICREX-F55  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ MICREX-F60  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ MICREX-F70  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ MICREX-F120S  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ FLEX-PC NB1  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ SYSMAC CQM1  Manufacturer:Omron

□ SYSMAC CQM1H  Manufacturer:Omron

□ MELSEC-F FX2N  Manufacturer:Mitsubishi Electric


Liquid Crystal Display

□ POD UD25  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ POD UD45  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ POD UG420  Manufacturer:Fuji Electric

□ GOT F930GOT  Manufacturer:Mitsubishi Electric

Hard to get equipment

Products below are build-to-order and will need longer lead time.


□ VS Motor  Manufacturer:Yasukawa

□ AHM Motor  Manufacturer:Miki Pulley