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Privacy Policy

Nakashimada Engineering Works, Ltd. (hereinafter called “We”) collects customer data (hereinafter called “private information”) for reasons stated below.

We collect customer data so as to provide useful information in the future. We understand the importance of handling of these data and we will do our utmost in compliance with such laws and regulations for the protection of personal information.

Areas which privacy policy applies

We acquire personal information for the following purposes. Purposes not expressed here will then be shown in advance before we do.

1. Personal Information submitted are for communication purposes.
2. Authentication of the user.
3. Personal information collected, processed and analysed for compilation of statistical data.

Appropriate acquisition

We do not collect or manipulate personal data through improper means. We will only use data collected within the purposes specified.

Provide to third parties

We do not provide personal data to third parties except in the following cases:

1. If you give prior consent to provide your data to such companies and organisation.
2. If we are required by the law.
3. In case that the protection of life, body and property is necessary, and obtaining prior consent from the user is difficult.
4. If there is a need for promoting the development of children or public health, and obtaining prior consent from the user is difficult.
5. If anyone who was commissioned by the local government or agency of the government to carry out affairs prescribed by law, and obtaining consent of the user will interfere the performing of such affair.

Safeguarding of data

We will take necessary and appropriate measures to safeguard personal data collected from disclosure or damage.


In order to protect personal data of users, whenever there are changes to laws and regulations related to the privacy policy in our company, we will announce such revision in our website.